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I'm in a Magazine!

You guys, I never ever thought I'd be saying or typing these words. I'm in a magazine!

Ok so it's not a magazine like BHG where you can pick it up at your nearest grocery store. It's a business to business magazine called Off-Price Retailing. It's a magazine with major label and non label goods geared toward helping retailers who offer high quality products at affordable prices (kind of like TJ MAXX). It goes out to 38,000 businesses including small mom and pop shops to major stores like TJ MAXX! They also hold a HUGE convention show in Las Vegas for retailers. 

I was so honored to be a part of this special project.  So how did this happen? One of our friends started dating his girlfriend not long before we moved to Michigan. Our friend and his girlfriend came to see our new house in Michigan and we were telling them about all the projects we had planned, and showed them our progress on Sun's office so far. Turns out, our friend's girlfriend (her name is Katy…

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